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Tons of new equipment has been added since this video tour was taken: Air Assault Bikes, Body Tempering, Fatbells from 9lb to 150lb, Strongman equipment include Yoke, Atlas Stones, Log Press, Sleds, Full size Olympic platform, More cable equipment, Pec Dec / Rear fly, Smith Machine, much more to list and more to come!

VISIT 47 Chestnut St. Dover NH
24/7 Access & Free Wifi
Now a MuscleEgg Distributer!

If you are looking for results, you came to the right place. Our facility was inspired by various fitness themes. We have:

  • Cross Training area with a top of the line EliteFTS jungle gym style rig.
  • Powerlifting pit with bands, chains and chalk.
  • Bodybuilding equipment to hit those hard to reach muscles.
  • 90 foot strip of AstroTurf, dozens of hard to find accessories and exercise equipment that is cutting edge.
  • Needless to say we support multiple fitness disciplines. Iron Empire also houses some of the best Personal Trainers around. We support them by giving them the best equipment to address your specific needs.

By doing variations of exercises that target the same muscles, the body is continuously adapting and growing stronger. This is why we do not cater to any one discipline. Everyone can see health benefits by using a wide variation of exercises. Doing so is also a great investment for injury prevention. Iron Empire gives you the proper tools to build the body of your dreams, in a safe and effective environment. We also feature 24 hr access for all members and free WIFI.

Dream & Create, be all you can be and more…

it all starts with hard work..

but with our help you CAN do it.





We provide truly personalized fitness and nutrition solutions that are specific, realistic and sustainable. Our personal training model consists of 3 key elements:

Lifestyle Coaching

Functional Fitness


Now a MuscleEgg Distributer

What do we do?

Who ever you are, what ever your fitness level, we will help you achieve your goals and in a safe and clean environment.

Who are we?

We are a team of Personal Trainers who are intuitive and passionate. We stay ahead of the curve with new therapeutic services and science based approach to fitness.  Our qualifications far exceed those of the mainstream markets.

How do we do it?

We give our members the best equipment in the business and 24 hour access to make sure there is absolutely no excuses when it come to training. We offer a range of services to fit your budget and address all aspects of fitness ranging from Sports Athletes, Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and specific areas of fitness.

So why choose us?

We give you all of the options – Personal training for those who can benefit from guidance and open gym for those who already know their way around. Our structure makes us more cost effective than personal training studios, we have superior equipment and we have mapped out a clear progression from beginner to expert all in one place.

Spent the last two days lifting at this gym. I can honestly say it was the best gym I’ve been too outside of my home gym of Hard KNocks. The staff from all areas was excellent. Spent the afternoon Saturday squatting with the power lifting coach who was super knowledgeable. Chatted with some other powerlifters who were very kind. The front desk staff Dan even knew my name the second day on my way out. Top notch equipment with legit feel to the gym. No stupid alarm on the wall if weights drop(which they did). Honestly you get what you pay for. By a crap box vehicle and expect it to drive like carp. Price for this gym is appropriate for value. Awesome! Can’t say enough about this gym. Kick ass!
Just stopped in for a quick workout and to check it out, completely sold, place is definitely top notch in all ways. Nowhere else in the area will you find a place that combines all fields of fitness be it cross fit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or conditioning. Fantastic!
I love this gym. Everyone that works there is super willing to help out, wicked nice, it’s always clean, and the equipment is top notch. The price is comparable to other gyms out there, and is actually a deal compared to Crossfit or other HIIT gyms in the area.
So there’s a few reviews here that make it sound like Iron Empire is just for powerlifters and serious bodybuilders and such. I want to go on the record and say that’s not the case AT ALL. Yes, it’s a great place for those people, and I do see those people in the gym. But it is also a fantastic place for ANYONE who is self-motivated and serious about getting (or staying) fit. The key to fitness is in strength – you cannot go to a gym, run on a treadmill for 45 minutes, and call yourself fit, and you’re probably not going to lose a lot of weight that way, either. But strength plans that really work require a lot of diversity – again, you can’t do the same workout over and over again and expect to continue to improve (plus the boredom sucks). Iron Empire has a HUGE array of different ways to keep variety and diversity in your workouts. Everything is available to every member all the time. Ask the staff for suggestions, or invest in the introductory pack of training sessions, and as long as you push yourself, you WILL see results, and not get bored along the way, no matter who you are.