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The Elite Membership Program Begins with a goal…

Whether you’ve never lifted weights before or are a seasoned athlete, a structured, goal-specific program, coaching and accountability are essential for success in the gym. The Elite Membership Program offers the benefits of results-driven programs and access to the best coaching Iron Empire has to offer in addition to 24-hour access to our facility.

Your Elite Membership is All-Inclusive and Goal-Specific…

The first step is getting to know you – we want to know what changes you want to see as well as any imbalances or issues that need addressing. During our Orientation we will conduct a basic Fitness Assessment to determine your current abilities and match you with the program most beneficial to you. There is no guesswork with the Elite Membership, your program will be customized to your specific needs and will advance as you progress.

We offer a variety of programs for all ability levels…

First Steps – (Beginner only) This ramp-up program is designed to teach you the fundamentals. It is perfect for the beginner who needs to build a foundation because it progresses as you do and incorporates a variety of equipment to get you acquainted with the facility.


Cross Training Program (Beginner-Intermediate) The perfect blend of strength training and conditioning. You will build lean mass, burn body fat, boost your energy levels and get your body moving the way it is meant to.


Strength Training – (Beginner-Intermediate) Plain and simple; it’s all about getting stronger, improving your numbers, reaching new PRs and breaking plateaus. We use a number of different progression methods and program strategies depending on your needs.


Fat-Loss Program – (Beginner-Intermediate) Incorporates circuit training, metabolic conditioning, plyometrics and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to deliver a highly effective fat loss program that will also keep you as strong as you are conditioned.


Athletic Performance Training – (Inermediate-Advanced) This program will take your fitness to the next level with exercises that will maximize strength, explosiveness and athleticism. If you’re a competitor or need sport-specific training, this program is the one for you.

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