Disclaimer: Body Tempering is NOT rehabilitation (rehab), physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic or orthopedics; it has nothing remotely to do with medical practices, diagnosis, treating injuries and or body manipulation.  It is a highly anaerobic method of strength training only!


Body Tempering was first discovered by Donnie Thompson in August of 2014. It started by mistake and just kept growing.  Athletes were using all kinds of tools including foam rollers, PVC pipes and even kettlebells to diffuse muscle to eliminate adhesions.  Muscular adhesions are a main cause of many muscle pulls, tears and hernias.  Adhesions are like a clump of muscle that is glued together, unable to contract normally and not receiving normal blood flow.  They feel like a “knot” in the muscle, a term we have all heard of.  One day, Donnie joked about putting the “X-Wife”, a 135lb steel cylinder on his training partner to substitute for the normal tools to loosen up.  To both of their surprise it worked really well.  This led to all different parts of the body and the development of different size tools for legs, arms, back and different sized athletes as well.  For a little trivia fact, Donnie called the 135 lb piece of steel the “X-Wife” because no one ever touched it before Body Tempering.  After they discovered it’s usefulness, they kept the name X-Wife for fun and now use it all the time.  Read an early article about Body Tempering here:

John Rudolf, founder of Iron Empire, traveled to Donnie Thompson’s gym, The Compound to learn directly from Donnie how to properly perform, apply and use Body Tempering.  The tools at Iron Empire are the same ones that Donnie uses at his gym.  To John, Body Tempering isn’t just about steel rollers, it is the practical approach of strength preparation for anyone that likes to move.  Techniques such as ankle mobilization are fundamental for athletes and just feels great.  Hanging upside-down from bands moving through different yoga-like poses can help decompress the spine and speed recovery from tough lower body workouts.  All these techniques are part of the Body Tempering family at Iron Empire.

There is no certification process for Body Tempering because it is so new.  Despite this, many college football teams such as South Carolina, Notre Dame, Clemson and NFL teams such as the Lions, Redskins, Bears and recently (this November) the Patriots are now showing interest in Body Tempering.

Body Tempering is for members only.  To learn more contact John:
603 833-5413

“Better than any deep tissue massage and a great way to reactivate sore and over worked muscle tissue. Not to mention the benefits of helping to increase range of motion….I’m a believer”

“This body tempering stuff definitely was a key factor in my 510 squat this weekend. I was cursed with a hip injury this whole prep until John fixed me up. If you’re on the fence about doing it, definitely get a session done.”

“Body tempering relieved my tight muscles and I instantly noticed the difference. And like Adam said it is way better than a deep tissue massage. I highly recommend having this done”