John RudolfStrength and Athletics Coach and Body Tempering services

    John has quickly become one of the top trainers on the Seacoast.  He is sought by those interested in developing strength and the recovery methods to support continued progress.  After experiencing injuries early in his career, John sought to learn directly from the best in the industry how to recover and regain mobility.  John’s methods have been called “Black Magic” and has been referred to as a “Voodoo Doctor”.  He is a pioneer in his respective fields and uses a practical approach to each individual client.  He prides himself on the accomplishments of his clients.  John is also a competitive powerlifter, former wrestler, father and husband.

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    John Rudolf is the founder of Iron Empire and brings a unique group of skill sets as a trainer.  He is available for 2 types of services:

    Body Tempering

    Personal Training (beginner, general fitness or advanced athlete)

    John looks forward to working with beginner or advanced in any aspect of training and staying healthy.  He has worked with children, elderly, high school athletes, college athletes and national competitors from around the country.


    Read a testimonial from one of his clients:

    “Powerlifting became a passion of mine about 4 years ago. Since then I have competed numerous times, consistently placing within the top 3. Yet, I did not feel as if I was hitting the totals I should have been. I had spent time being taught by some of the top powerlifters and researchers in the powerlifting community, but I was still missing lifts that I should have been hitting.

    I came to Iron Empire to use the brand new state of the art facility and equipment. I did not expect to work with the trainers, nor did I expect to learn anything new from them. After speaking with John I decided to train with him one day. In one session John was able to point out my weak spots on each lift, explain to me how they were affecting my strength, and implement a new technique to correct my weaknesses. I felt an immediate difference in muscle activation and as a result my strength increased. I am continuing to learn each time I talk to John, and I am excited to see where my lifts go from here.

    Outside of training for strength, John has also helped me recover from my multiple shoulder surgeries and the continuous tightness that is a result from them. Between stretching techniques and accessory lifts John keeps me feeling great between workouts, this allows me to ensure I am able to hit my lifts each day I come into Iron Empire. John has changed the way I feel about my workouts and I highly recommend him to anyone, beginner to advanced, who wants to ensure they are maximizing their performance.”

    • James Landry, Florida State University Law School


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